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How to Draw Graffiti on Paper ?


Graffiti art has hypnotized the world, many people who love the beauty of the design of graffiti, but there is also a hate here because it has made ​​the environment dirty. This is what makes graffiti a matter of controversy. Now we throw away that thought. You are interested and like the graffiti, even you also hope to be able to make or draw graffiti designs. For those who are beginners certainly need a guide to make graffiti. Stages from the beginning to the design of a graffiti formed. For this problem we are trying to help those of you who want to try to draw graffiti with your own style. More details please read the tutorial or the stages below.

Beautiful Sketch Graffiti Letters on Paper

1. The first thing you do is prepare the necessary equipment such as pencils, coloring, paper and other tools that feel you need later.

2. Now you specify your design and style. It is necessary to form the graffiti you will like. There are many styles in graffiti, such as bubble, wildstyle, 3D, throwup and others. If you find it difficult to determine the style for graffiti then you can find examples of graffiti designs that you have via the internet. For more easy to create graffiti, it would be nice to make graffiti using your own name. Write your name and create graffiti-style design that you like. You decide, in accordance with your own imagination will be better. This is because your graffiti. Remember!

3. When you have are done, try some 3d effect or shadow to make it look good. You can do this by drawing lines back to make it 3D. To create shadow, imagine how the letter would look if you shone a light on it from one angle.

4. If you make a mistake in text er, make a photocopy of your pencil at the start, then trace it. Repeat until you are satisfied with your work.

5. Enough so that I can give a tutorial for you, hopefully this can help you to try to make your first graffiti. If you want to learn more easily able to try graffiti creator.

Amazing 3D Graffiti Sketches on Paper

Wildstyle 3D Sketch Graffiti Paper by Nase

Wildstyle Sketch Graffiti Paper by Mean

Drox Graffiti on Paper by Leeh

How to Draw Graffiti on Paper ? Picture and Wallpapers

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