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How to Draw Graffiti Letters (3D Effect) ?


Graffiti is always interesting to learn, lots of style and beautiful design. Each style has always had character and different difficulty levels. If you asked me then to draw 3D graffiti is something that is very enjoyable, and real is better than 2D. However everyone has their favorite. Now I try to explain and teach how to make a 3D graffiti? I do not force you to follow a detailed explanation of me but if it is easy to understand for you then I am very grateful. Let's go directly to the heart of this tutorial. Are you ready?

How to Draw 3D Graffiti Letters

Drawing Tutorial Step 1 :
The first step before making graffiti is to prepare the necessary equipment such as pencils, paper and remove (this is useful to correct the error). Make words you want, for example your name to more easily find ideas. Do not make the writing tightly, so that'll give you the room space to create the 3D effect to be created. If you are confused you can make exactly the same with what we demonstrated.

How to Draw 3D Graffiti Letters

Drawing Tutorial Step 2 :
Next step is to expand your line letters into block style letters. Why this was done, it aims to assist you in creating a 3D effect that would later make. Once formed, the 2D design you have completed the second step of this tutorial well.

How to Draw 3D Graffiti Letters

Drawing Tutorial Step 3 :
When the basis for the design sketch graffiti 2D formed, the next step is to give them a dark color (black) on the edge of the letter (the outside). After all that you are doing the graffiti or you should remove the other lines to give the impression of neat, except that the part is no longer needed because of the step after this we will create the 3D effect.

How to Draw 3D Graffiti Letters

Drawing Tutorial Step 4 :
At this stage you will learn to create 3D effects on graffiti design. How? This easy. You should Draw short diagonal lines from the corners of all your letters. These lines will form the edge of the your 3d letters thickness or depth. To create a beautiful neatness and shape the future then a diagonal line that you create should have the same length so that also has the same thickness as well later. When you are faced with a rounded letter, do your best to draw an angled line from the part of the curve where the edge changes direction from up-down to right-left.

How easy is not it? Let's move on to the next step.

How to Draw 3D Graffiti Letters

Drawing Tutorial Step 5 :
In the previous step you have to make a diagonal line. At this stage this time you have to connect the diagonal line of each and tip the letters to form a contour shade and a nice letter. Do it with your imagination to get the perfect effect. See the example picture above if you do not understand what I'm saying. Keep the distance between letters that spawned neatness and consistency in every form letters that you create.

How to Draw 3D Graffiti Letters

Drawing Tutorial Step 6 :
This is the last step you should do. There should be had to find ideas and options that you would like to give you the best 3D effect to your design later. See the picture above.
Provide different colors on the image of each letter. Give the black color to make it easier. Due to learn you should not use a combination of colors other than black and white. To add interest, then you can added some hatch marks to the face of the letters to indicate a little bit of texture or reflection.That part is totally optional.

How do you think this tutorial? easy not .....Follow the next tutorial on drawing graffiti with nice and easy for beginners.

How to Draw Graffiti Letters (3D Effect) ? Picture and Wallpapers

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