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How to do Graffiti Letters ?


How to Learn to Draw Graffiti Letters?

Draw Sketch Graffiti Letters by Funky Beat

Graffiti art is an art that has worldwide, many of us all most like the beauty of graffiti art itself. But there are also some who hate graffiti as an art destructive identical. Let's forget all that. Let us learn to make graffiti. For a beginner to make graffiti is not an easy matter, they are usually difficult to get started. Because of this we try to help the novice to create a tutorial in making graffiti.

The first step for beginners is a need to consider one thing, make something you like, something easy and simple.

1. The easiest first step is to make graffiti letters by using our own name. When the idea already exists then proceed to the next stage.

2. Begin to experiment with making the design of fonts, font size and other effects. There are many designs or characters of a style of graffiti. An example is the wildstyle, 3D, Throw up, bubble. But the easiest is a bubble. So we recommend that start from the easiest to make graffiti bubble letters. Make a round-sphere.

3. Then if you already have a basic form of graffiti designs then start to give an effect of your design by giving the line the shore. This will make a shadow effect. The thicker it will become clearer. Use thick lines on one side of the letters and thin ones on the other side to give it a 3D look.

4. If you are not fast with the existing design the experiment with your artistic soul to find your character.

5. When finished eating there should give the color, choose a suitable color combinations. Use your best colors. Good luck! See the video below.

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How to do Graffiti Letters ? Picture and Wallpapers

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